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Fantasy Fair Deals

These are the fantastic Fantasy Fair Deals for 2014; all lovingly and savingly brought to you by

Rediscover Ontario’s largest indoor amusement park. Ride, play, see free shows and more! Located inside Woodbine Shopping Centre. Fantasy Fair offers exciting full-size rides, including the new Rock ‘n’ Climb, a 4 sided, themed climbing wall. Drop & Hop, a drop tower-style, drops you almost 30 ft in the air and bounces you up & down. Our latest edition, the XD Simulator Theatre transports you directly into the 3D movie action.

According to the Fantasy Fair website, “Fantasy Fair is Ontario's largest indoor amusement park” and has served over seven million guests since opening in 1985. Located inside the Woodbine Shopping Centre, birthday parties, educational programs & group visits are offered year-round in addition to family fun on 9 full size family rides, a 3-level play village, midway games and arcade”.

Fantasy Fair has quite the colourful history and interesting facts. Proudly serving more than 7 million thrilled guests since 1985, it has a reputation of cleanliness, safety and guaranteed fun for the whole family. Amazingly enough, it physically takes up over an acre inside floor space within the second level of the Woodbine mall!

It also hosts and contributes to many charity events; and has proudly accepted a number of prestigious awards; including from the Toronto Sun for the “best place for birthday parties”; and, they also won the 2009 Etobicoke Guardian Readers’ Choice Award for “best amusement destination”.
The Fantasy Fair favorite ride of choice would be the stunning and masterfully crafted Carousel. Each originally crafted horse is worth approximately $38,000 US; and runs at 3.33 rpm`s, and takes precisely 180 seconds to come to a complete stop.

Another popular ride is the Fantasy Fair Express; which has traveled over 55,000 miles since 1985! It is ideal for young children, and is as safe as can be. For this next fabulous Fantasy Fair ride, a big hole had to be cut out of the roof to drop a 35 foot tower over the side of the building and into the park using a 100 foot crane!

Most amusement parks have a Ferris Wheel as a standard ride attraction; but, the Fantasy Fair Ferris Wheel is the only side loading and 2nd story loading wheel of its kind in North America; and soars over 50 feet in the air! A breathtaking ride indeed!

For the hurried and hectic parent who may need a break in their day, away from the kids; and perhaps vice versa; Fantasy Fair has some incredible options.

Check out, Fantasy Fair pricing for the latest and 2014 deals.

These special Fantasy Fair coupons are our way of saying thanks. You will also be pleased to know that since last year almost 4000 Fantasy Fair coupons have been downloaded and well over 1000 actually used! 

They also cater to special and one of a kind Fantasy Fair birthday parties, while also offering group class and corporate Fantasy Fair discounts.

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For example:

Schools, Camp & Daycare Trips

Fantasy Fair is the perfect place for a field trip! We offer discounted prices for children & chaperones. Private rooms are available to store coats & have snacks or lunch. (Prices may vary depending on group sizes)

Groups and Educational Trips

Another consideration for parents, teachers and students is the discounted rate that is offered to Groups and Educational Trips. Their slogan, “Combine Education & Fun in One at Fantasy Fair!” says it all.

They explain and simplify the mechanics of each ride (3 rides); detailing the mechanisms and their interactions; gears, pulley’s, hydraulics, safety and more. A teacher or parent can cleverly integrate Math & Science lessons within a non-structured fun-filled environment!

A unique experience for students in grades 3-5. Every aspect of this trip has been attended to by Fantasy Fair; including the low $11.00 per student cost, and free cost to teachers, and chaperones. You can bring your own lunch, or you be they can serve.

This year, get your child’s fantasy fulfilled. Feel free to come and visit Fantasy Fair, “Ontario's Largest Indoor Amusement Park”, with 9 full sized rides, a giant children's Play Village, Arcade, Midway Games, with over 160 Shops and Services, and MUCH more, all under one roof, at the famous Woodbine Mall. Open All Year Round!

We gladly welcome the Fantasy Fair Deals for 2014.


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